The idea of our project is to raise awareness of the benefits of practicing ecological behavior in sport for everyone. Its purpose is to promote sports-related environmental education and sports in a safe and clean environment. Its main task is informing that physical activity keeps humanity well and healthy and prolongs the life of individuals. On the other hand, it is very important to protect natural resources for a clean environment and good conditions for future generations. This parallelism is being at the center of our project and to improve the capacity of organizations by cooperating at the international level. It is to promote sports and physical activities that not only contribute to better health but also have a positive impact on the environment. In addition to environmental and sports education and activities, another goal is to create strong cooperation and synergy between partners. The project includes the exchange of experiences and the development of joint guidelines for ecologically sustainable sporting events. Events will be organized in an environmentally sustainable manner, including the collection and recycling of empty soda and water cans and lids that are thrown into the environment. Another component of our project is the collection of best practices from sporting events, which will be published in a booklet. Best practices to promote an active lifestyle will be developed, as well as in accordance with ecological recommendations for the organizers of sporting events and sports clubs. 

It will include 3 (cycling, trekking and orienteering) selected sporting events as we want to show possible actions not only in the recycling area but also to reduce the negative environmental impact of organized sporting events. The booklet will be an important outcome of the project and will help all sporting event organizers to include sustainable development in their events. At the same time, it will contribute to reducing the negative environmental impact of organized sports events. In this respect, it is important to implement sustainability practices in sports activities held in nature. All training and activities will raise awareness of the participants and raise awareness by making the above-listed important points into principles in ensuring sustainability in activities held in nature.