Hellenic Powerlifting Association (HPA) - Greece

Hellenic Powerlifting Association (HPA) - GreeceKurslar

Hellenic Powerlifting Association is a non-profit organization, established in 2014, which aims in promoting, educating, and growing the sport of Powerlifting and other indoor/outdoor sports (e.g., Strongman, Arm-lifting, Street-lifting) in Greece. HPA focuses on developing sports and educate people with diverse backgrounds (e.g., wide range of ages, disabled people, special Olympics) in Greece. To this end, HPA organizes educational seminars and workshops, organizes meets, sport events, etc. HPA represents multiple world federations and organizations in Greece, which organize World, European, Mediterranean, and Balkan sport events, and thus, our athletes can take part in international meets. The research committee of HPA is active in interdisciplinary fields aiming to develop methods and techniques that better support and educate athletes of strength-related sports. The technology committee of the HPA aims in developing technological solutions that improve training protocols and exercise routines, by taking into consideration the education of the athletes/instructions and the meet performance. HPA has more than 500 athletes and is member of more than 20 international sport organizations. The HPA athletes have been awarded multiple times for their performance in national and international level (gold, silver, and bronze medals). They also hold Greek, European, and World records in multiple sports and categories. Special Olympics athletes of HPA have taken part and awarded in various international events of Special Olympics.