Yozgat Çamlığı Mıllı Parkı-Trekkıng

Yozgat Çamlığı Mıllı Parkı-Trekkıng Haberler

Sports training of our project titled "Outdoor Sports for Sustainable Environment", which we carry out within the scope of Erasmus+ Sports program supported by the European Commission Education, Audio-Visual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), continues.

Within the scope of the courses in Cycling, Trekking and Orienteering branches to be organised in each country, the first lesson of Trekking training was held in Yozgat Çamlığı National Park, Turkey's first national park for young people within SORGED. The training was carried out in the company of expert trainers. 

The importance of trekking, the subtleties of walking in nature, ensuring safety and comfort, respect for nature, what we should and should not do, material knowledge and many other issues were explained. Respect for nature, protection of nature, materials - trekking site selection - Navigation - Safety - Trekking - Basic survival topics were covered. Trekking trainings will continue in different places in Yozgat.