Trekkıng and Nature Frıendly Sports Workshop

Trekkıng and Nature Frıendly Sports WorkshopHaberler

Sports training of our project titled "Outdoor Sports for Sustainable Environment", which we carry out within the scope of Erasmus+ Sports program supported by the European Commission Education, Audio-Visual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), continues.

A Nature Walk and Nature Friendly Sports Workshop was held on Saturday, June 10 at Aydıncık Kazankaya Canyon.
To raise awareness about environmental awareness and sensitivity to the environment, to provide a cleaner and more livable living space for humanity for the future, sports in nature, environmental awareness, energy, waste, transportation management areas, zero emissions, carbon footprint, environmental practices, sustainability, sustainable nature We organized a workshop with the participation of young people in order to produce policies on environmental and environmental friendly issues. For a more livable world after the workshop, we organized an environmental cleaning event with our young people in Kazankaya Canyon in order to increase the awareness of young people about environmental cleaning, to set an example for the society and to draw attention to the importance of cleaning public areas in terms of health. Finally, we completed the activity by hiking with our young people, accompanied by the magnificent visual view of Kazankaya Canyon.