Orıenteerıng Course

Orıenteerıng CourseHaberler

Sports training of our project titled "Outdoor Sports for Sustainable Environment", which we carry out within the scope of Erasmus+ Sports program supported by the European Commission Education, Audio-Visual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), continues.

Orienteering: "Intelligence Sport in Nature"

This game is very good for teenagers.
Orienteering training was given by Orienteering Instructors Abdullah Ceylan and Ahmet Akkaya in Yozgat Çamlığı National Park. A total of 50 young people participated in the training. Orienteering is a game in which the parks prepared in various terrains are played by reaching the targets at the determined points with the help of the compass and the map. Our young people enjoyed playing this game based on time and map reading skills. Our young people played orienteering for the first time, which is enjoyed all over the world. Teenagers, who were stressed from time to time, got tired from time to time and sometimes got lost.