Mıd-term Evaluatıon Meetıng-Croatıa

Mıd-term Evaluatıon Meetıng-CroatıaHaberler

The interim evaluation meeting of the project was held on 25-28 May 2023 in Rijeka, Croatia. The project participants from Turkey, Romania, Greece and Croatia evaluated the first 6 months of the project.
A meeting was organised on the status of all trainings and activities carried out during the 6-month period of the project, and on the dissemination and visibility of the project.
The following issues were discussed at the meeting:
1- Eco-Friendly Sports Training Programme
The activities of the trainings organised in order to promote environmentally friendly cycling, trekking and orienteering sports in an environmentally friendly way and to increase the number of young people doing these sports were discussed. The status of these trainings organised in each country was evaluated. So far, there is no problem in the activities of the trainings and the trainings continue successfully in each country.
Some plans were made to organise activities in cycling, trekking and orienteering branches especially during the European Sports Week. It was decided to include children and citizens as well as young people in these events with the slogan of sport for all.
2- Transnational Meetings 
Within the project 5 transnational meetings will be organised. 3 transnational meetings have been organised so far. It was decided to hold the fourth transnational meeting on 5-8 September 2023 and the final transnational meeting on 18-21 October 2023 in Turkey.
3- Eco-Sport Events 
Within the scope of the project, various activities will be organised simultaneously in each country by combining sports and physical activities with environmental actions. In particular, plans have been made to carry out outdoor sports and environmental activities on 3 June World Bicycle Day and 5 June 2023 World Environment Day.
4- Eco-friendly Sport Workshop
Eco-friendly Sport Workshop to be organised in each country was discussed. The content of this workshop to be organised locally in each country was discussed.  Reporting of the workshop and the workshop to be held in each country and this report will be prepared and shared at the final meeting to be held in Turkey.

Discussions on project dissemination, visibility and budget were organised, as well as the mid-term evaluation of the project. 
A re-planning was undertaken to ensure appropriate dissemination of information on project results and impacts and visibility of the EU contribution. Plans were made to disseminate the project activities through the website, social media, press releases, newspaper articles, etc.
In addition, a cultural trip to Croatia was organised during the two-day interim evaluation meeting. We visited Stadium Kantrida, the football stadium in Rijeka and then travelled to the town of Opetija for a city tour. Ucka hiking and sports facilities were visited. We went to the summit and visited the historical castle there. After getting information about trekking and platforms there, we went to Trsat. After visiting historical places, the Croatia meeting ended.