Kıck-off Meetıng

Kıck-off MeetıngHaberler

Under the coordination of Sorgun Youth Association, The opening meeting of our project titled "For Sustainable Environment, Nature Sport", which we carried out within the scope of Erasmus + Sports program in partnership with Hellenic Powerlifting Association (HPA) Greece, Vere Montis Croatia and Asociatia Scout Society (Scout Society) Romania, was held in Sorgun on 13-14 January 2023.

On the first day of the meeting, Project Coordinator Halil UĞUZ opened the meeting. Participants from each country made a short acquaintance activity. Afterwards, introductions of the institutions were made in order to get to know each other more closely.

A session was organized on the brief summary, objectives and activities of the project. Afterwards, the activities to be carried out in the 12-month period of the project were discussed. Project Management Methodology and Coordination were discussed.

An internal evaluation plan and a partner agreement regulating the activities of all partners, the roles, tasks and duties of the applicant and all partners, decision-making processes, project overview and quality control and the dispute resolution process between partners have been prepared and signed by all partners.

A project team consisting of 5 people has been formed for a better execution of the project. Halil UĞUZ and Abide TUNCER from Turkey, Verica Mance from Croatia, Kolettis Andreas from Greece and Irıza Alina from Romania.

During the project, a google driver was created in order to follow all documents easily and it was decided to share all documents through this driver.

The dates of 5 different transnational meetings were decided at the meeting. The first meeting was held in Turkey. The second meeting will be held in Greece on March 30-31, 2023, the evaluation meeting will be held in Croatia on May 26-27 and the Romania meeting and the final closing meeting will be held in Turkey. It was decided that the meeting dates will be determined in the following meetings.

Eco-friendly Sport Training Program, Eco-Sport Events and Eco-friendly Sport Workshop activities were discussed in detail at the meeting. The activities to be carried out were decided. Each partner made plans for trainings, events and workshops. In particular, they decided to organize simultaneous activities on World Bicycle Day and World Environment Day on June 5th. It was emphasized that it is important to reach the young target group between the ages of 16-24 and young people with limited opportunities.

During the meeting, social media accounts were created to ensure the dissemination and visibility of the project. Discussions were held on the project's website and its content was decided. In order to increase the visibility of the project, it was decided that participants would wear t-shirts at events and trainings. It was also decided to make swallow flags and tarpaulins and hang them in appropriate places during the activities.

Also during the two-day meeting

On the first day of the meeting, together with the participants, we visited our Yozgat Governor Mr. Ziya Polat in his office and informed him about our project. He gave information about the sports activities organized in Yozgat and how young people with limited opportunities are included. Then we visited Prof. Dr. Mehmet Güçlü, Dean of Yozgat Bozok University Faculty of Sports Sciences. He gave information about Bozok University and Faculty of Sports Sciences. We visited Sorgun District Youth and Sports Directorate. District Director Levent Tuncer gave information about sports activities in our district. He informed about the sports activities carried out in Sorgun and the activities offered to young people. Our Director stated that the use of sports facilities is free of charge and that all young people benefit from the facilities. He declared that sports facilities will be used free of charge to young people with limited opportunities in the activities of the project.

The project partners were shown around Yozgat Çamlığı National Park and Çapanoğlu Mosque as a cultural trip. Local food kavurga and menengiç coffee were served at Hayri Ünal Mansion. Local dances of Yozgat were played and folk songs were sung.

On the last day of the project meeting, a general evaluation meeting of the two days was held. Afterwards, the project coordinator Halil UĞUZ ended the meeting by thanking all partners and participants for the meeting and cooperation.